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author:fredabio     Upload date:2017-08-28

Nisin(E234) is a polypeptide produced by the lactic acid bacterium Lactococcus lactis. It can efficiently inhibit Gram-positive bacteria and their spores, especially effective for Thermophilic Bacillus, Clostridium Botulnum and Listeria. As a natural biological preservative, Nisin is widely used in food, cosmetics, medicine and health care products.

1.Strong inhibiting activities. Nisin specifically targets the stubborn Bacillus spp. and their spores.
2.High safety. Nisin can be quickly digested into amino acids with the aid of enzymes in human stomach.
3.Good stability. Nisin is stable in acid conditions and can keep active even at 121℃ for 30mins.
4.Easy water soluble.
5.No flavor influence.

Please prepare about 5% aqueous solution with cold boiled water or distilled water (better solubility with pH4 diluted citric acid or acetic acid solution), and then mix it well with the food.

Freda is certified by ISO9001,ISO22000, HALAL and KOSHER. The product conforms to international specifications laid down by FAO/WHO, EU, and US FDA.

Packaging and Storage
Packing:100g,500g,25kg or packed to customer’s requirement.
Storage:Keep in cool condition away from direct sunshine and temperature under 4℃.
Period of validity is 24 months.